portable microscope-凯发k8娱乐

portable microscope


portable microscope


video microscope system ideal for installation site
enables the user to inspect mounted connector endface from the other side of adapter
connectable to a portable monitor, pc through usb and stationary monitor
easy adapter replacement allows the microscope to inspect a wide range of connector types



dimension(mm)/weight(kg) (scope) 175 x φ32 / 0.16
dimension(mm)/weight(kg) (monitor) 105 x 95 x 45 x / 0.45
magnifications 180 x (3.5"lcd)
light source blue led
power 110-220v 50/60hz
9.6v ac/dc adapter
internal rechargeable battery
battery life 4 hours
1 hours for charging
monitor 3.5"lcd


optional items

usb video capture device available
connector attachment 2.5mm ferrule, fc, sc,
1.25mm ferrule, mu, lc,
mtp, mpo,mt-rj,
mt ferrule
bunlkhead attachment fc, sc, mu, lc, st,
mtp, mpo, mt-rj
handy type microscope operated with three aaa batteries
two magnification types are available (200x or 400x)
high intensity white led for clear and enhanced vision
detachable φ2.5mm ferrule adapter is equipped as standard accessory
other connector adapters are also available as optional. also laser safety filter is equipped for eye protection