lc uniboot connector intelli-凯发k8娱乐

lc uniboot connector intelli-cross series


lc uniboot connector intelli-cross series


seikoh giken intelli-cross series lc uniboot connector with “intelligent” keying for hyper density panel management

1、具有超紧凑/智能交叉系列的lc  uniboot连接器,结合微型齿轮专利机构,实现极性重置时,a-b极性的“智能”转换。

2、seikoh giken的精密模制智能交叉系列lc uniboot连接器并入视觉和内部指标消除技术,避免过度旋转和连接器的错位,从而快速且准确地实现极性切换。

3、智能交叉ldx系列lc uniboot连接器搭配12种颜色,适用于单模pc和apc以及多模om1、om3、om4光缆。


main features

 fast and easy polarity change with no tools required

 fast and easy polishing, both pc and apc duplex

 high density installation with low profile & optional push-pull tool

 applicable for φ2mm & φ3mm jacketed cable