One Sunny Winter In Brisbane

After an unexpectedly prolonged journey to southern hemisphere, now it is the time to enjoy Brisbane´s daily academic and research life at the University of Queensland. The journey from Zagreb to Frankfurt was almost smooth, excluding the fact that the lady at the check-in desk forgot to board me on a plane. Things got a bit complicated at Frankfurt airport where our flight was delayed due to technical issues with brakes. Consequently we were obliged to sit on a silent aircraft while they were performing repairment for three hours. Safety comes first. We missed our flight from Abu Dhabi to Brisbane and the airline arranged a one night stay at the airport hotel in UAE. We were scheduled to continue our journey to Sydney instead of Brisbane and to continue with a domestic flight from Sydney to Brisbane. But due to an unexpected delay, this time not due to technical issues, we missed this domestic flight…again. Luckily there are many domestic flights and we only had to wait for another hour. Brisbane was soaked in sun though it is winter time down here. The temperatures can be a bit low in the morning but it gets really warm during the day.

The first impression was really nice with an older volunteer helping us with the transportation from the airport to our place of stay – Raymont Residential College. We were kindly accepted and the vice principal took us around on a city tour showing us all the important locations for our stay here.

I took a chance to visit The University of Queensland St. Lucia Campus while Iztok signed in for his duties at Joyce Ackroyd Building. St. Lucia campus breathes with science, knowledge and youth. It is such an amazing place and you can not help yourself not to lay down on the grass in the campus park and read or discuss something. It is a place where the academic life happens with all the included facilities like UQ swimming pool and athletic stadium.

I took a short tour through the city center and I got there by CityCat. That is a small ferry which carries people downstream or upstream the Brisbane´s river. Such a convenient type of transportation. For public transportation means there is a »one card fits it all« system. This means you simply buy a GoCard, fill it up with some money and you are ready to go since you can use it for CityCat, bus and train.

Some UQ photos attached.