Ironman Tallinn, Estonia, 4.8. 2018

During the previous weekend Iztok and Dušan took part in Ironman Tallinn covering a classical 3,8 km swim, 180 km bike and 42,2 km run.  My sadness of not being able to take part in this event was at least partly diminshed by getting the best possible position for taking the finisher pics… a small blue chair in the finisher arena. I can only say that the water temperature was 15°C. But I had a chance to see Tallinn in detail, a lovely historic city centre indeed. I got to know one thing…Triahtlon Ironman is a way of life and we could never quit. It is an addiction.  At least once a year you have to go and shake yourself all day long!

I have the pics and congrats ready!