One Sunny Winter In Brisbane

After an unexpectedly prolonged journey to southern hemisphere, now it is the time to enjoy Brisbane´s daily academic and research life at the University of Queensland. The journey from Zagreb to Frankfurt was almost smooth, excluding the fact that the lady at the check-in desk forgot to board me on a plane. Things got a […]

Ironman Tallinn, Estonia, 4.8. 2018

During the previous weekend Iztok and Dušan took part in Ironman Tallinn covering a classical 3,8 km swim, 180 km bike and 42,2 km run.  My sadness of not being able to take part in this event was at least partly diminshed by getting the best possible position for taking the finisher pics… a small […]

Ironman 70.3 Jeju, South Korea

It was one hot day at Zagreb airport and we were ready to start the journey towards Doha and South Korea. Our bikes were packed in a practical fashion and our luggage was minimized. Afer flying for 14 hours in two parts we landed at Incheon International Airport in Seoul. Transfering our bike bags to […]