Challenge Šamorin, Slovakia, 21.8. 2016

On 21. of August we took part in an inagural Challenge Samorin, Slovakia. It was a 1,9 km swim, 90 km bike and a half-marathon run… Swimming took part in the Donau river, which had pleasant 19 degrees. Though it was only an up and down route with no obvious turns to the left or right, it was a particulary special swim because of the current. Anyway, on the bike it started raining like a shower.  I was kind of a “deja vu”…like Iceland… again cold and wet bike ride.

Swim start (source: Challenge Šamorin)
Swim start (source: Challenge Šamorin)

Well, once we managed to get to the running part it was all OK. It was a really lovely run on the banks of the Donau river, the rain stopped and we started enjoying the countdown to the finish line. Through the rice I have been feeling rather tired and sleepy, a long season behind has started to take its toll. But still, we had a really nice time in Slovakia and the race was just a relaxation during the weekend.

Now, that is it for this season. 1 Ironman and 4 half-Ironman distances this year. I am really satisfied with the 2016 season. 🙂 Now it is time for autumn and winter… and indulging into activities other than triathlon.

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