Understanding Information

It is my great pleasure to announce the book “Understanding Information – From the Big Bang to Big Data” (link). The motivation of this book is to understand  the subject of information from many different perspectives.  The book includes contributions ranging from biology, neuroscience, computer science, artificial intelligence, quantum physics, big data, information society and philosophy. I would like to say many thanks to the respected editor Dr. Schuster from Tokyo for an invitation to contribute to this amazing and futuristic work. It was an honor to experience that sort of commitment and creative feedback. Our contribution covers the potential of plants and seeds in DNA-based information storage;full description of the experiment and its futuristic applications.

Ford Challenge Prague, 29.7. 2017

It was a challenging triathlon in the center and on the outskirts of the, so called, the most beautiful city in the hearth of Europe. On the race morning, the sun was already high in the sky and was announcing one hot day in the city. The temperatures were rising and the race was due to start at noon. We tried to get some good sleep the previous night but we had some loud Chinese neighbors who were very talkative in the morning hours. After breakfast we prepared our bikes and took a one mile stroll down to the center.

Swim start in Vltava (source: Challenge Prague)

The swim was held in the Vltava river with refreshing 17 degrees. The first impression was amazing though the water is not clean and there is some rubbish swimming allover. Anyway, through my goggles I was able to see nothing, not even my hand in front of me. The swim start was explosive and it took me by surprise while I was still polishing my goggles. It was time to start swimming. We took two U-turns and swam under two bridges. First part of the swim was against the flow and it felt harder than the other part going in the opposite direction.

Swim start in Vltava (source: Challenge Prague)

After coming out of the muddy river bank, we were getting ready for the bike part. The transition was busy and you had to took the stairs up on the bridge to get your bicycle. Cycling was held on the highways and country roads outside Prague. There were two laps to be ridden and the heat was already taking its toll. We tried to drink a lot and one big banana was my energy provider.  It was nice but I could not wait for the run to start because I did not manage to get the optimal cycling training distance in the previous months. I was counting on some experience from the past three years.

The cycling part (Source: Challenge Prague)

Finally, the running part. It is a part when you can relax knowing that somehow you will probably manage to get to the finish line. I enjoyed running and whenever there was a chance I took some watermelon for refreshment. The evening was approaching and it was time to pass the finish line. I always get emotional when this happens because you never know when your last amazing triathlon finish line will be passed. Therefore, not even one should be taken for granted.

My darling”s legendary picture. Dušan and I were too fast to be caught on tape… 🙂 (Source: Challenge Prague)

Afterwards… pizza, salmon, salad and a glass of local beer. It was a mild beer with a gentle taste, especially appropriate for women. 🙂 Though I rarely drink it and I am not really familiar with European beers. For dessert… an ice cream and one long, deep sleep. I guess we finally deserved it… the Chinese were quiet.

Finisher medals (Source: Challenge Prague)