Intelligent sport training

The advent of artificial intelligence has also entered in the field of sport training. Every time we undergo a training session our sport watches collect and save different parameters, which require further analysis in order to improve our next performance. And not to mention all the parameters we are unaware of. Of course, human cognitive functions are of limited value in dealing with large data sets. Our brain might intuitively  plan the following training based only on how we felt during the past training and not regarding the actual performance facts which can only be detected with the tools of computational intelligence. There are hidden correlations to be  found.  Our past work has proven to be more than useful in this area and here you can find our articles regarding this hot topic: Planning the sports training session with the bat algorithm and Computational intelligence in sports: Challenges and opportunities within a new research domain.  The advent of a new concept in the form of artificial sport trainer in collaboration with a human trainer is still in the developing phase. Hence we could see it fully in practice in the following years.